"It's a personal thing to open up to someone and have your style and wardrobe examined, but Leslie has an easy-going, non-judgmental view that makes every meeting a pleasure.  She makes the tedious task of coordinating a closet and drawers seem easy. Now that they are organized it's easy to maintain and faster to get dressed in the morning. We shopped for accessories to complete the outfits that she assembled from clothing I already owned. I didn't realize that the style of pants I was wearing was not ideal for my body shape and I looked 10 pound slimmer just by changing that. I highly recommend Leslie. She will help you put together a cohesive wardrobe at whatever budget you are working with, eliminate shopping anxiety and expensive mistakes, and assemble more outfits than you could have imagined. The whole experience has really been a quality of life improvement." – Patricia


"My closet was long overdue an update so when I was offered a new job I decided it was time for some help. My experience with Leslie was a unique blend of a warm demeanor, positive advice, professional approach and of course very on trend with current and future fashion. After our first consultation I was actually looking forward to our shopping expedition and to the closet overhaul! Leslie was very flexible with her schedule to suit my time and I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping   afternoon. She had prepped in advance and the store had some clothes set aside prior to our arrival. This is top notch attention I assure you and she is an expert at picking out the best shape for your body and the   best pieces to complete your wardrobe. Our next meeting was at my apartment where she went through my clothes and helped me determine what to keep and what to donate. She showed me how to wear different pieces and incorporated all the new clothes into my current wardrobe including accessories. Now I can easily get dressed for work everyday knowing I look put together and stylish and it's all thanks to Leslie!"- Sharon 

 Meet Jill, CEO of Scalisi Skincare 

CEO, Scalisi Skincare

CEO, Scalisi Skincare

"Leslie is always on the cutting edge of fashion.  I have worked  with her for events as well as photo shoots where she creates amazing  looks down to the last detail.  I always know I'm in good hands and she  makes it fun and easy."  - Jill S.

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