Enhance Your Style believes that an individual's unique personality, character, and inner-beauty is the foundation for discovering and creating style elements that help project the ideal image.



Details, subtle differences in quality, fabrics, patterns, colors and cuts of clothing can create a complete look that represents your personal style. We will help you create a wardrobe that suits a professional career and an active lifestyle.


Every season new trends, color schemes, and style elements are introduced to mainstream. We will help you to stay "in-the-know" with ease and confidence. If your style is classic, we can work together to update with subtle freshness.



EYS Styling Services are for corporate clients, fashion & jewelry designers, publications, commercial productions, TV networks, videographers and photographers.  EYS provides these services in NYC and LA.

Express who you are without saying a word.


We take the time to understand your complete lifestyle in order to achieve a comprehensive wardrobe that is customized to you. EYS programs will help streamline your dressing time and still achieve your best appearance.  A coordinated wardrobe will eliminate the frustrating decision of "what to wear" on special occasions, important meetings, and any time when your appearance needs to make a statement.  EYS will educate you on the standard and basic pieces that are required in every man's well curated wardrobe.  I will also encourage you to acquire pieces that will customize your style to your personality.



Inspire others with your style. 


We will help streamline your dressing time and still achieve your best appearance.  Working with versatile pieces, we will get you from the office to dinner without the need to change and still look fabulous.  A well curated wardrobe eliminates the worry if you have the right ensemble in your closet for that special occasion.  Your appearance should always be consistently well styled and represent who you are with minimal effort.  EYS will distinguish you from everyone else.



We wardrobe your talent as believable characters.


Through analysis, EYS partners with production teams to assemble precise appearance for talent to identify with target audience.  Sourcing merchandise, styling shoots and providing accurate crediting, EYS plans, prepares and executes the director or designer's vision.