How We Work

Initial Consultation
Style Analysis - EYS begins our partnership with you by gaining an understanding and appreciation for your individual lifestyle and personality. This sets the stage for our collaborative effort to identify your unique style. We work with you to discover and create style elements that help you project your ideal image.

Color Analysis - Discover the color palette that best suits you. The optimal color palette will help enhance your natural beauty and facilitate the development of a wardrobe of separate that mix-and-match harmoniously. This exercise will identify the colors that bring a glow to your skin tone and brighten your eyes.

Body Analysis - Taking into account your unique body shape and proportions, we will recommend clothing silhouettes that should be considered and explain the reasoning behind our advice.

Wardrobe Review
EYS will evaluate your wardrobe, including shoes and accessories. We work with you to identify the key pieces needed to create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of ensembles. A capsule wardrobe helps eliminate dressing times while maintaining your signature style.

Personal Shopping
After completion of the initial consultation and wardrobe review, EYS will perform the following: Create a focused shopping list, conduct research and recommend stores and boutiques that will work for your style, pre-shop and set aside recommended pieces; Upon your arrival, you will only have to try clothes on. This will be the easiest and most efficient shopping trip you have experienced. All of this at the pace that fits your schedule. 

EYS Personal Look Book
Combining your newly purchased items with your current wardrobe is a task EYS happily takes on.  As we partner to create fun and outstanding ensembles, we will catalogue a variety of outfits for your personal look book. You won't have to think of what items pair with each other since your picture book will have all options for your choosing.

Special Events
EYS is there for you as you prepare for life's special events. EYS partners with you to create your ideal image for events including:

Wedding parties

Holiday events

Photo shoots

Vacation capsule wardrobe packing

Any event that you want to look stylish and updated