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"As a new, working mom I fell into the notorious black hole of putting all of my energy into caring for my daughter and meeting everyone else’s needs in my family and at work. I lost focus of my own goals and identity. Two years later, I saw a dumpy, lackluster and uninspiring image of myself. Yet, I was too tired and busy to make a change. Truthfully, I was uncertain about making a change. I didn’t remember how to care about myself. Thankfully, my husband stepped in and gifted me services from Enhance Your Style!  Leslie was sensitive, knowledgeable and so accommodating. During our initial web meetings, she helped me to reassess my wardrobe, understand my body type and skin tone, and consider new, more up-to-date pieces to meet the needs of my lifestyle and budget. She helped me to articulate and organize my goals as a working mom and woman.  When we met to shop, Leslie knew what stores and pieces she wanted to show me. She was thoroughly prepared and had an intensive, organized schedule planned. She suggested easy, trendy and practical clothing and accessories.  She reminded me throughout the day about how to be an efficient shopper and pair items. She also offered ideas about complementary pieces going forward. The Look Book she creates is also a useful tool for remembering and continuing the lessons learned.  Going through the consulting process with Leslie was transformative and empowering. I walked away from the experience with not only fabulous clothes, but also a renewed sense of self.  I would definitely use Enhance your Style services in the future." – Elisa

Meet Sarah K., Yes Network Broadcaster

Meet Sarah K., Yes Network Broadcaster

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"Working with Leslie  has been an experience of which the value can't be overstated. She finds  a way to make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself,  without allowing you to lose any of the style and uniqueness that has  always been your own. My image is very important considering I am an on-air correspondent for a highly viewed network.  Her easy-going and gracious personality made me feel comfortable every  step of the way, while her expertise in fashion is second to none." – Sarah K.

"I hate clothes shopping. Well, I used to, pre-Leslie! Being short, round and of a certain age that stores don't really cater to, I had really become shop-o-phobic over the past few years. I'd given up. I started to rely on outdated middle-aged style rules and resorted to a boring uniform of older lady pieces that I never accessorized. I needed help!  One shopping experience with Leslie changed everything. All the clothes were set-up for me in the dressing rooms, and the day was a blast. Leslie found fun pieces that fit into my wardrobe, that fit my body, and which allowed me to use some great accessories I have that I'd put in mothballs. The new wardrobe made me feel younger, more vibrant, more accessible and prettier.  It was the best dressed summer of my adult life, thanks to Leslie. She really took my style and enhanced it, and I can't recommend Leslie enough!" - Gail

"Leslie's  company name of Enhance Your Style is an apt one. I enjoyed working  with her immensely in part because she was committed to working with my  tastes, already existing wardrobe, and desire for comfort while  suggesting additions and combinations that really did kick everything up  several stylish notches.  She has an  amazing eye for color and body type and unerringly chose cuts and hues  that were extremely flattering for me. Best of all is that I feel like  me in my new clothes and combos, just more polished and on trend (but  not slavishly trendy). Her help with going through my closet was  invaluable as there were so many items in there that I had stopped using  and didn't know if it was because they didn't work for me any more or I  didn't know how to best use them. She made quick and impeccable calls  on what to discard, what to alter and what to keep, making even my  existing items feel fresh and fun to work with now.  I had two big trips  that I took shortly after working with Leslie and her help with  preparing for those was also priceless. For a weekend trip to LA, she  whipped up a sheet with daily temperatures and several outfit options  for each day and event in which I was involved. It made packing a cinch.  The full style book she produced for me shortly  thereafter - with its overview of key pieces in my wardrobe, jewelry,  shoes and accessories and its suggestions of colors and brands that work  for me - has also become an invaluable tool for making day to day  choices for both casual wear and dressier events. As someone who never  thought I would use the services of a stylist, I am so grateful to have  met Leslie and highly recommend her for her professionalism, commitment  to good value (she went out of her way to help me get several of the new  items she chose at discount prices), her impeccable taste and attention  to my needs and comfort. She is a joy to work with." – Lisa


When I first decided to seek a fashion stylist's expertise I knew I did not want to go through the process alone. I had given birth a few months prior, and would be returning to work which I wanted a wardrobe update for.  I also wanted my husband to get an "update" and look good so I recruited him to partner with me through this process. Our needs were different; I was seeking a polished professional look and he was seeking updated casual wear. We selected Leslie of Enhance Your Style, and it was truly a life changing experience for both my husband and I. Leslie was very professional and shopping with her was like shopping with a very talented and fun girlfriend. She had such an eye for what fit our bodies best, and was able to quickly seek outfits that would help us accomplish our respective looks. Before we met Leslie my husband would stand in front of his closet every morning with so much uncertainty about what to wear. After Leslie, my husband now confidently selects outfits with so much confidence and ease.  It is heartwarming as a wife to see your husband walk out of the house every morning looking so good and with his head held up high because he feels good too! Although he was initially hesitant, he is now grateful to Leslie for literally enhancing his style as am I, which is why I highly recommend Leslie! - Dr. G and AG

Meet Jill S., CEO Scalisi Skincare, CEW Insiders' Choice Beauty Awards 2015

Meet Jill S., CEO Scalisi Skincare, CEW Insiders' Choice Beauty Awards 2015

"Leslie is always on the cutting edge of fashion.  I have worked  with her for events as well as photo shoots where she creates amazing  looks down to the last detail.  I always know I'm in good hands and she  makes it fun and easy."  - Jill S.

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"It's a personal thing to open up to someone and have your style and wardrobe examined, but Leslie has an easy-going, non-judgmental view that makes every meeting a pleasure.  She makes the tedious task of coordinating a closet and drawers seem easy. Now that they are organized it's easy to maintain and faster to get dressed in the morning. We shopped for accessories to complete the outfits that she assembled from clothing I already owned. I didn't realize that the style of pants I was wearing was not ideal for my body shape and I looked 10 pound slimmer just by changing that. I highly recommend Leslie. She will help you put together a cohesive wardrobe at whatever budget you are working with, eliminate shopping anxiety and expensive mistakes, and assemble more outfits than you could have imagined. The whole experience has really been a quality of life improvement." – Patricia

"My closet was long overdue an update so when I was offered a new job I decided it was time for some help. My experience with Leslie was a unique blend of a warm demeanor, positive advice, professional approach and of course very on trend with current and future fashion. After our first consultation I was actually looking forward to our shopping expedition and to the closet overhaul! Leslie was very flexible with her schedule to suit my time and I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping   afternoon. She had prepped in advance and the store had some clothes set aside prior to our arrival. This is top notch attention I assure you and she is an expert at picking out the best shape for your body and the   best pieces to complete your wardrobe. Our next meeting was at my apartment where she went through my clothes and helped me determine what to keep and what to donate. She showed me how to wear different pieces and incorporated all the new clothes into my current wardrobe including accessories. Now I can easily get dressed for work everyday knowing I look put together and stylish and it's all thanks to Leslie!"- Sharon 


"I have always loved clothes, shoes and shopping in general. However, I had a habit of purchasing awesome individual pieces and never wearing them because I wasn't sure about how to integrate them into my existing wardrobe to create outfits that effectively reflected Executive-facing role in my professional life as well as my own personal style. Leslie was able to review my existing wardrobe (clothing, shoes and accessories) to create flattering combinations that I would have never been able to come up with on my own. She also helped me to understand how to dress for my body type, confirmed which colors looked best on someone with my complexion and taught me how to effectively mix textures and prints - a concept I never tried before. In addition, during our Closet Audit, I realized that all of the combinations she was recommending were appropriate for both my career and weekend looks - a completely foreign concept to me. I can't thank Leslie enough for helping me to uncover the hidden gems right in my own closet! I can't recommend her highly enough." - René

"The last two years after battling a health issue, I found that I hadn’t indulged or even cared much for getting dressed or even knew what my style was anymore. I had desperately wanted to make a change inside and out since I was planning on also making a career change from finance into a more creative industry. Leslie first and foremost is best at having you try something on even when it doesn’t seem like it would suit your style, and in the end practically loving every piece. I can’t tell you the endless times I have browsed shops on my own simply gliding over the racks until I found the simple beige or black shirt that would be a safe bet. Leslie brings you out of your comfort zone and has a great focus on the image you want to portray. I will not forget the moment I had on a great new blazer, looking in the mirror and feeling like the woman I have always wanted to be. That is a pretty big impact to bestow on someone! The details that she brings into the package range from selecting pieces before your shopping day, which means a planned shopping route, staying within your budget and even bringing an extra water bottle for when you’re parched! Dressing rooms are hard work! Leslie has changed the way I shop and found my ideal fit and style. Enhance Your Style is not just a material event of buying new clothes; it’s an innate experience that enhances your being as a whole, bringing your authentic self out into the real world with great company and expertise". – Natalie

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"Working with Leslie was seamless and easy. She came to see me at my home, used many of my own garments and most importantly, listened closely to the 'edgy' look I described to her. My clients LOVED the styling job she did for my business video and affirmed that she styled me to fit my brand. Leslie has a knack for interpreting a client's personality into their wardrobe, bringing art to everyday life. Being in a creative industry, I needed a stylist who understood my style and my clientele. Leslie was able to source garments from many of the stores I  already frequent and I loved them so much, I kept many of them! Bravo for Leslie and the EYS experience. I have referred her to not only my friends, but also to many of my clients." - Ilene